In the mind’s backward eye, we’re forever
grazing in the grass, thin and
sun-scrubbed, exchanging
cassettes so elaborately mixed.
The point was always to win
someone’s heart. It was an
all or nothing game– paradise,
or a deep, dark well;
rapture, or talking to the
shadowed Dylan on your
bedroom wall every night

Somehow, we were painstakingly
spirited, as if we didn’t know that
one brick
would bring the whole house down.



From randomized 6 song titles:

– “One Brick” – Aesop Rock
– “Rainwater Cassette Exchange” – Deerhunter
– “Grazing in the Grass” – The Friends of Distinction
– “All or Nothing” – Au Revoir Simone
– “Spirited” – Laura Gibson
– “Deep Dark Well” – M. Ward



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